* "Moyashi" is a nickname for Sprouts.

About Discord

  • Q. How can we receive airdrop(rain) on Discord?
    Do ",genfarm" command in #bot-channel!
    And within the past 12 hours, you must meet these condition:
    * Using Sprout consumption command, or
    * Pressing the stamp(emoji) to other comment.
    Congratulations, now you are Sprouts member!
    Welcome to the Moyashi Farm!
  • Q. I received SPRTS from airdrop(rain), but I can not do withdrawal, what should I do?
    You can not do withdrawal from "Farm".
    If you want to send your SPRTS to external wallet, you need to do it from "Warehouse".
    Please read #eng-botguideline for more explanation.
  • Q. What is an event?
    An Event is an occasional Discord activity using SPRTS.
    Everyone is having fun and you can also join too!
  • Q. What is moyashi-radio?
    Voice chat(VC), in which you can make a good conversation with voice, even you only listen!
    Participation in text chat is also greatly appreciated while listening to the voice chat.
  • Q. How can I check whether my SPRTS deposit/withdrawal is arrived on destination yet?
    Please check with the block explorer.
  • Q. Is my Discord Wallet do PoS?
    There is no PoS on Discord wallet.
    You can do PoS from your own desktop wallet.
  • Q. There are other community called "Sprouts+", what is it?
    "Sprouts+" community is now become Auxilium. Please check it yourself.
    "Sprouts+" is not used anymore, but if it is present, it is different from our community.
  • Q. What is bump-of-chicken?
    It is the room that everyone istrying to support for promotion on Disboard.
    You can get more information at #bump-of-chicken pinned message.
  • Q. What is "Secret Channel" ?
    You can not see the room as usual.
    It is an airdrop room, with limited quantity.
    So you must hurry if the Secret Channel show up.
    Type "!タッチ" as soon as you get in the Secret Channel.

About Wallet

  • Q. Wallet is not loading (I have tried to restart it too).
    Terminate the wallet from your Task Manager.
    However, if it still does not work, please create a backup of wallet.dat and then download the wallet again.
    If you are still having problem, please consult with Sprouts Support.
  • Q. My wallet is dissapeared!
    You can still recover it, if the wallet.dat is remains.
    (If you delete wallet.dat, it can not be recovered)
  • Q. Where can I download the latest wallet?
    Please download from following URL.
    How to set up wallet
  • Q. The line has showing Minting even though the PoS is failed. How do I solve this?
    Right-click on the transaction in Transactions
    → clear orphans
    → or It may be fixed by rebooting.
  • Q. Wallet synchronization is slow. Is it really impossible?
    Please use this bootstrap.
    Put it in the folder with wallet.dat and start it.
  • Q. It will not turn red no matter how many days the bean sprouts during PoS.
    Basically the aging of Sprouts is until green.
    There seems to be a case in which PoS is successful in the blue stage.
  • Q. PoS is taking longer than web and Twitter said. I did not win the PoS at all these days.
    Due to the specification of PoS, the difficulty of PoS increases as the number of other holders increases.
    Unfortunately recently the difficulty has soared so there are cases where it takes a considerable number of days depending on the number of possessions.
  • Q. I can not win PoS at all, even I have 100 million SPRTS.
    A. There is no promise that you can always win PoS within 0 days.
  • Q. I do not win PoS, is there something wrong with my setting?
    · Is your wallet synchronized?
    · Did you unlock your wallet?
    · Is there any connection?
    You should win if you do all of these.
    However, if the 24h probability is less than 10% it may be tough.
  • Q. How many PoS can I do?
    Once in 1 month is possible.
    In most cases, it will need more than a month if your ammount is less than 100 million (as of 2018/04).
  • Q. Wallet connection is not stable. How do I stabilize it?
    There are cases where the number of connections increases dramatically by releasing port number 9901.
    Regarding the port opening method, please check the manual of your router or inquire to the manufacturer.
  • Q. What is Coinday? My Coinday is not increase.
    It is about Age and Balance.
    Do not worry, it's okay.
  • Q.
    My MintProbability is 90%, why I am still not win PoS?
    Please confirm how many days MintProbability is seen.
    If you still not win with more than 90% at 24h, it is your bad luck...
  • Q. When will it become green from blue?
    A. The minimum coin maturity time is 5 days (fixed).
  • Q. How much is the maximum amount in one transaction and the withdrawal limit of the new wallet?
    The maximum amount of one transaction is up to 40 billion.
    So the withdrawal limit is also the same.
  • Q. I win PoS, but the transaction was split into two...
    How can I make it into one transaction?
    Congratulations for winning a PoS!
    There is a reference article about putting together the transactions.

About Sprouts

  • Q. I want to know the latest information...
    Please check the latest information is on discord or SNS official account.
  • Q. Are you going to do Swap?
    We will consider the new currency.
    Swap according to the situation after HF, so we can not say it at this stage.
  • Q. Is there any official PoS Pool?
    A. Sorry, there is none.
  • Q. Why the PoS Pool is not handled by Sprouts?
    There was a schedule to list.
    However, it was dismissed because the minimum age of 5 days was long.
  • Q. Is there a Masternode?
    A. Sorry, there is none yet.
  • Q. Please tell me how to purchase Sprouts coin?
    You can purchase SPRTS at Unnamed.
    Recommended purchase method is by DOGE → SPRTS.
    Because there is not much transaction fee, so you can purchase it reasonably.